A Few Words

Grecia Hill
Caregivers4seniors & Hillbridge Group

I'm so happy that you came to my rescue all those years ago. You helped me so much to keep my business on track, organized and successful with your organizing skills and designing my website. Being so far away, with you in Canada and me in Hawaii, you have made it so easy to work together through the virtual office. I can't thank you enough for all you are doing. I'm looking forward to a very successful future with you.

Mark Norris
Facilities Services Manager

It is with pleasure that I recommend Peggy Howard! I was lucky enough to work directly with Peggy in different roles over the years. Peggy is very organized, punctual, efficient, and co-operative. While serious about completing her work professionally, she maintains a cheerful, friendly attitude at all times. She is extremely resourceful, and I am not aware of any task she was unable to complete. Peggy Howard would be an asset to any business.

John & Kathleen Parker
Creative Photo Frames

Peggy, what would we do without you??!? Thank you for all that you do that helps our business succeed. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

Braden Floris
Product Designer

Peggy's attention to detail and superb, clear communication over email allowed us to work together for almost 2 years to create great websites for her clients without ever meeting face-to-face. Truly an accomplishment that would not be possible without a trustworthy individual such as Peggy!

Sid Gondhia
Visual Artist

Peggy has to be one of the most efficient, organized and friendly executive assistants I have come across. She used to single-handedly assist the CFO as well as rest of the finance team. Her attention to detail, positive and cheerful disposition, and yes, her 'tech-savvy', made her an invaluable resource for our finance team.

Andy Barker
Mentor, Volunteer, Executive

Peggy is a positive, professional and detail oriented individual who consistently delivers high quality work. She can be counted on to effectively manage complex assignments and deliver results. Her broad office and administrative experience results in projects consistently being delivered on time. I would definitely recommend Peggy to support the business success of any organization.

Audrey Pankhurst
Toronto Rehab Volunteers Association

Peggy, you are a saving grace. It was easy when you were living in Toronto. Now that you are living across the country it is just as easy. You are always there to help out with my personal business or helping me with my volunteer work, putting together invites, posters, or composing letters for our Volunteers Association. Thank you for volunteering as our Secretary. You are missed. Wishing you great success.