What I Do

What I do is primarily focused on what you need in your business.

  • Do you want to move from physical files to being cloud-based?
  • Do you need help with billing and invoicing with QuickBooks online?
  • Maybe you need admin help with spreadsheets and correspondence, contracts, presentations?
  • Blog/content formatting, proofreading and editing?

The list is endless when it comes to what you can outsource.  Here are a few things I can help you with:

  • Cloud Administration: storage setup, implementation, and management
  • Quick books Online Administration: setup, implementation, and management
  • “Office” procedures automation and streamlined system development
  • Training materials, video (screen capture) and written
  • Procedures Manuals
  • Spreadsheets, charts & graphs
  • Presentations
  • Technology support
  • Project management & support
  • Social media setup and updates
  • Blog/content formatting, proofreading and editing
  • MS Office (Advanced level Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Forms and PDFs
  • Email management
If there is something you are not sure how you would outsource, just ask me and we can work on a solution.
Fee Structure

I usually work on monthly retainers, starting with roughly 10 hours per month up to 40+ hours per month.

  • Not sure how many hours you will need? We can start with the lowest retainer and work from there.

  • One-time projects?  Certainly. We can review and I will provide a quote.

Just send me a request with your estimated hours or tasks, and I will provide a quote - or I will ask more questions, then provide a quote! To set up a telephone call, let me know what time works best for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!